Authentic Dinosaur
and large
decorative fossils

At THÉTIS we supply authentic dinosaur skeletons and other large decorative fossils, to museums and collectors around the world.


THÉTIS and its associates employ a full-time team who are responsible for collecting, preparing, and restoring the bones; moulding and assembling the skeletons on a stainless-steel structure as well as disassembling and reassembling the bones (fossils) for temporary or permanent exhibitions.

THÉTIS has all the necessary skills to design, build, and install your entire Paleontological Exhibition.

Eric Mickeler, co-founder of THÉTIS and dinosaur specialist, has modestly participated in the reporting of a future new species of Allosaurus (currently being described by specialists from the Royal Belgian Science Museum).

We are particularly pleased to report that one of the dinosaurs selected by THÉTIS, a rare Stegosaurus, entered a Public Collection in Northern Europe in the Autumn of 2021.

dinosaurs on the Eiffel Tower,
An Allosaur dinosaur on the Eiffel Tower

Video by: Mathieu Wilson

Video by: Mathieu Wilson

What makes the cost of a Dinosaur?

Thétis Dinosaur
A real labeled dinosaur is expensive, but what makes the price of a dinosaur, a product that not everyone can buy?

This is, of course, the rarity of its species but also its state of completeness and the time it took to remove it from the ground.

But it doesn’t stop there, because you also have to rent a mining concession, access it and sometimes build an access road, rent or acquire earthmoving machines, a buldozer, trucks, set up a camp with mobile homes and ensure the supply of water, electricity..

A giant lives again .... Trik, the largest triceratops in the world is a THÉTIS Dinosaur

Our associated workshops completed the restoration and reconstruction of 4 exceptional prehistoric skeletons: a magnificent Triceratops, a giant Diplodocus, and two Mosasaurs, marine reptiles over 6 meters long, which now feature in the Dinosauria Museum Prague, a place that has become a  temple of dinosaurs, judging by the extremely modern 3D animations that give body and life to these prehistoric giants.

largest triceratops in the world

A remarkable THÉTIS dinosaur joins a museum at the Premium Outlet Prague Airport

THÉTIS is proud to present the work done for months on a large Diplodocus of more than 20 meters that now features at the new Dinosauria Museum Prague, thanks to a private initiative supported by the local academic community.

This large dinosaur is one of the jewels of the crown of European dinosaur collections and is part of a project supported by THÉTIS, a supplier of quality dinosaurs.

a large Diplodocus

Garrofet - Catalunya, Spain

THÉTIS is proud to inform you that as of June 2021, we are the full owners of the domain "Las tres Casas Nuevas de Garrofet" (Catalunya, Spain), composed of 85 hectares of forests, vineyards, and the emblematic prehistoric cave of Garrofet, including the first archaeological finds present in 3 Spanish Museums (El Vendrell, Reus, Barcelona).

The importance of the site has earned 6 publications and we plan to reopen excavations, under the control of the authorities, academia, and the museums.

A new story begins, as the place will become an attraction for visitors to see the prehistoric cave and the forrest site planned for the presentation of the giants of prehistory: DINOSAURS!


"L'Industrie Magnifique", an amazing production by Jacques Rival for the Soprema Groupe. A magnificent THÉTIS mammoth.

Courtesy Soprema Groupe

Our activities began in 2002 and the company initially took the form of an art gallery devoted to Science and civilizations. Little by little, under the influence of its leaders, Eric Mickeler and Eric Geneste, the activity gradually shifted to the commercial paleontology sector which ended up becoming a central activity as the success was overwhelming.

THÉTIS chooses its suppliers for their capacities, their honesty and professional reliability, their guarantee of confidentiality, and the consistency of the quality in their extraction of raw fossils.

THÉTIS inquires about the veracity of the scientific documents accompanying the skeleton and exchanges and dialogues at length with its suppliers.

THÉTIS manages its own imports and exports with the collaboration of carriers of art objects, one of which is by excellence, ART Shipping International and Vulcan Fine Art - France.

We take the greatest care in packaging raw fossils so that they arrive in our workshops in perfect condition, sometimes after more than 150 million years of burial on rocks.

For many years dinossaur and fossil sales have been talked about in the media and featured in many articles in the International Press. Eric Mickeler has been a presence in many Dinosaur Exhibitions and high profile auctions, from Aguttes to Christie’s and Sotheby’s, where he is a consultant at present.

At the heart of THÉTIS are its co-founders Eric Mickeler and Eric Geneste who, along with their specialized team, guarantee the quality of our services and make it possible to deliver your prehistoric giant with the highest standards.

Their collaborator Teresa Boavida manages your requests and provides you with the necessary contacts to fulfill your wishes.

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