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For many years dinossaur and fossil sales have been talked about in the media and featured in many articles in the International Press. Eric Mickeler has been a presence in many Dinosaur Exhibitions and high profile auctions, from Aguttes to Christie’s and Sotheby’s, where he is a consultant at present.
2007 - A mammoth skeleton sold at Christie's in Paris

"The skeleton of a prehistoric mammoth sold for 260 000 euros ($352,196) at an auction in Paris.

The 15,000-year-old Siberian mammoth skeleton, nick-named The President, along with other prehistoric trinkets, has been put up for sale by Christie's. The buyer, whose identity has not been made public, will need a lot of space - the skeleton is approximately 3.8m (12.5ft) high and 4.8m long." (Source BBC News)

2008 - A great Triceratops skeleton for sale at Christie's by Eric Mickeler's expertise

Eric Mickeler, Christie's appraisals consultant and national history specialist, saying (French): "You have behind me a skeleton of a triceratops measuring 7.50 meters. It's a specimen of maximum size which is very rare even in museums today. It's only the fourth specimen of this size known." (Source Reuters)

2009 - Exhibition at Le Grand Palais in Paris

“Un stégosaurus, un allosaurus, un plésiosaure (grand reptile aquatique de 180 millions d'années) et une cinquantaine d'autres fossiles qui auraient tous leur place dans un musée d'histoire naturelle vont être l'attraction principale du Salon du collectionneur qui s'ouvre ce matin à deux pas des Champs-Elysées.”

Eric Mickeler, l'expert en histoire naturelle qui a monté cette exposition avec des pièces prêtées par des collectionneurs privés. « Regardez, c'est très beau. Un fossile peut même devenir une oeuvre d'art moderne », affirme le spécialiste des “  (Source Le Parisien)

2011 - Dinosaurs for sale at Sotheby's in Exhibition at L'Institut de Paléontologie Humaine

“Pour la première fois, l'Institut de Paléontologie Humaine, fondation scientifique centenaire créée par le Prince Albert Ier de Monaco dédiée à l'étude de l'homme fossile, va ouvrir, exceptionnellement, ses portes au grand public du 1er juillet au 15 septembre 2011* pour présenter d'authentiques squelettes de dinosaures qui seront mis aux enchères chez Sotheby's le 14 octobre 2011.” (Source Hominidés)

2016 - Kan, the 150 million-year-old Allosaurus, presented by Eric Mickeler for sale at Aguttes Auction House

“La maison de vente Aguttes a mis aux enchères à Lyon le squelette d'un dinosaure de plus de 130 millions d'années. Une vente exceptionnelle qui s'est faite dans l'ancienne gare des Brotteaux... Baptisé "Kan", cet Allosaurus un peu encombrant a néanmoins trouvé preneur. Il a été adjugé 1.128.000 euros. Son acquéreur, français, a préféré rester anonyme.”

2017 - An auction in Lyon presents a Mammoth from Siberia, acquired by SOPREMA

A 15,000-year-old skeleton of a woolly mammoth has sold at auction for 548,000 euros, or $643,900, in the French city of Lyon. Standing more than three metres high, the complete skeleton was bought by a Strasbourg-based construction company Soprema, who sells a coating product called Mammouth, or Mammoth in English. "Here you have an exceptional specimen, first because of its size. It is a very big specimen," said Mr Mickeler, a member of the European Chamber of Expert-Advisors in Fine Art.
Source ABC News

2018 - Eric Mickeler co-founder of Thétis presented a new yet unkown species of Allosaure in the Eiffel Tower.

Eric Mickeler co-founder of Thétis presented a new yet unkown species of Allosaure in the Eiffel Tower.

“The skeleton is 70% complete,” paleontologist Eric Mickeler told ABC News while observing the skeleton. “This is remarkable to have such a large amount of original fossilized bones”. Mickeler, the valuation expert for the French auction house Aguttes, said experts have never documented a species quite like this one .( Source ABC News)

2019 - Skinny a Diplodocus was in Exhibition at London Heathrow Airport. This Dinosaur, purchased by a Belgium Company, remains an amabassador of weight

“The Heathrow skeleton is especially remarkable because you can see an imprint of the animal’s skin on parts of its bones. Studies suggest that the 43-foot-long dinosaur belongs to a previously unknown vegetarian species. It is mounted on stainless steel support structures that allows the skeleton’s position to be moved.

Increasingly, collectors are beginning to incorporate natural history into their art collections. The market for prehistoric creatures has been steadily growing in recent decades, ever since the record-breaking sale of a 40-foot-long Tyrannosaurus Rex named Sue sold at Sotheby’s in 1997 for a whopping $8.4 million.” (source Artnet news)”

2020 - Stan the T-REX sold for $31.8 at Christie’s, by the expertise of James Hyslop

“A 67 million-year-old Tyrannosaurus rex specimen nicknamed Stan has just shattered a record; on Tuesday (Oct. 6), Stan was sold at Christie's New York for nearly $32 million. That makes it the most expensive fossil ever sold at an auction.” (Source LiveScience)

2020 - Another important event external to THÉTIS, but significant to the dinosaur market

Eric Mickeler is appointed Curator of Collections by the New Dinosaur Museum in Prague


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