Pricing a Dinosaur

Pricing a Dinosaur
Thétis - Pricing a Dinosaur

A real labeled dinosaur is expensive, but what makes the price of a dinosaur, a product that not everyone can buy?

This is, of course, the rarity of its species but also its state of completeness, the time it took to remove it from the ground.

But it doesn’t stop there, because you also have to rent a mining concession, access it and sometimes build an access road, rent or acquire earthmoving machines, a bulldozer, trucks, set up a camp with mobile homes and ensure the supply of water, electricity...

Finally, you have to recruit the skills of a good ten people who, through the preparation laboratory, will work on your future dinosaur.

This work can take tens of thousands of man-hours and involve technicians in moulding, modeling, and even professionals in 3D reproduction, through industrial photocopiers.

All this at a cost that a collector or a businessman agrees to pay for a specific purpose: to have fun or to acquire an advertising medium commensurate with these giants.

Make no mistake: acquiring a dinosaur saves money and makes you gain notoriety.

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THÉTIS, the quality you need. You deserve it. We provide it for you.

How Thétis and its employees intervene

THÉTIS establishes specifications and works in contractual association with its privileged clearance laboratory, a unique association of its own, with whom Thétis has established a quality chart.

The bones are prepared according to the best scientific techniques and reassembled exclusively on refined stainless-steel structures, which have allowed us to coat each dinosaur produced, by the Label Eric Mickeler Fossil TM., a registered trademark reflecting the notoriety and experience of Eric Mickeler, partner and co-founder of Thétis, who also acts as an independent consultant in major sales of Natural History, in one of the largest auction houses in the world - Sotheby’s.

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Eric Mickeler will also act as Curator in large dinosaur collections, such as that of the new Dinosaur Museum in Prague, to be presented in 2021.

After your purchase, THÉTIS manages your first transport at no added cost for you, as well as the insurance allowing your future dinosaur to travel in conditions of total financial security.

You just have to rest, we are working for you.

THÉTIS provides the first assembly free of charge in Europe (outside Europe, our reassembly work remains free of charge but conditional on the simple reimbursement of transport bills and costs incurred).

THÉTIS offers a day of training to the staff of the new owner, in order to ensure them total independence to assemble and disassemble the dinosaur, like a simple set of a giant Lego. A child’s game…for adults!

You didn’t find us by chance.

THÉTIS is a guarantee of quality and works under the guidance of Eric Mickeler and Eric Geneste. Their collaborator Teresa Boavida manages your requests and provides you with the necessary contacts to fulfill your wishes.

THÉTIS is the entrepreneurial creation of Eric Mickeler and Eric Geneste, experienced organizers of numerous dinosaur events in Europe:

« Collector’s Dinosaurs » - Paris, 2009.

« Dinosaur Treasure » - Paris, 2011.

« World Premiere: A Dinosaur at the Eiffel Tower » - Paris, 2018

« Skinny the Diplodocus at Heathrow airport » - London (GB), 2019

Your THÉTIS dinosaur is provided to you and taken to your doorstep with the Certificate of Authenticity, drawn up by Eric Mickeler, Sotheby’s Consultant, in addition to a safety certificate for assembly, by a mechanical resistance engineer, the last document allowing you to exhibit your dinosaur to the public, without fear of default of contract with your insurer.

Buying a dinosaur from THÉTIS is therefore buying yourself the quiet pleasure of being the exclusive owner of a prehistoric giant in the greatest serenity.

THÉTIS, the quality you need.
You deserve it. We provide it for you.

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