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Our Services
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Thétis provides the following services:

  • Proof of veracity of the skeletons – the skeletons are provided with a Legal File, proving their legal ownership and exportation. They also come with transport documents.

  • Proof of origin of the bones – each skeleton has a Quarry map and Osteological map, including the list of bones found.

  • Transport- the elements of the skeleton are stored in specific transport boxes, in lacquered wood, identified by brass tag with the name of the dinosaur, provided by THÉTIS, that allows International transport (provided by Art Shipping International and Vulcan Fine Art-France.

  • Restoration – each element of the skeleton is restored using scientific techniques (which may include 3D printing to restore missing parts).

  • Assembly and Reassembly -the bones are set on a stainless-steel structure, which is the metal used in the aeronautical industry, so corrosion never occurs. We provide an assembly booklet and reassemble the skeleton free of charge at the customer's premises. No more maintenance to worry about!

  • Training of the staff - we train our team who will take care of the disassembly and assembly of the skeleton.

  • After-sales services – in the event of requested modifications or possible restoration and maintenance,  and subsequent assembly after the first assembly free of charge from delivery.

Thétis also offers:

  • Scientific Expedition set-up for the discovery of the T-Rex (Consult us)
  • Renovation and Maintenance of your dinosaur skeleton or mammoth, and their reassembly on a stainless-steel structure.
  • Dinosaur skeleton rentals (dependant on availability - Consult us)
  • Booking of Triebold Paleontology traveling expeditions:
Savage Ancient Seas

Savage Ancient Seas® presents an in-depth look into the world of the Late Cretaceous oceans, filled with huge carnivorous marine reptiles, gigantic flesh-eating fish big enough to swallow an adult human being whole, flying reptiles with 2-meter skulls and the biggest sea turtles to have ever lived.

The creatures of the Savage Ancient Seas® are unlike anything known in today's world! This exhibition has been successful everywhere it has been shown, and like all Triebold exhibitions, is scalable to your gallery’s size and configuration.

With 20 different skeletons from the tiny toothed bird, Ichthyornis, to the largest Tylosaurus on Earth at 15 m (49’) long, Savage Ancient Seas® will capture your visitor’s imagination. Entertaining and educational kiosks, displays, and touch stations round out a unique and fascinating experience. 2,500 to 12,000 sq ft.

Book now. Contact us for available dates 

Darwin & Dinosaurs

Meet the dinosaurs (and pterosaurs, plesiosaurs, birds, etc.)

D&D includes eighteen (18) complete skeletons and a number of partial skeletons. Many are posed in dynamic scenes.

Come through THÉTIS and receive a personalized welcome!

Outdoor exhibition, when Art is exposed under the sun ...

THÉTIS, attentive to the needs of its international customers and more than ever a service provider, offers you a free connection with the architect DPLG Jacques Rival, author of scenographic outdoor presentations, for all your outdoor exhibition needs, permanent or occasional, of your authentic skeletons or your skeleton copies.

Jacques Rival

Courtesy ‘’Mammuthus Volantes’’ Mai 2018, by Jacques Rival. © Vincent Muller

Your THÉTIS dinosaur from excavation to assembly in our atelier

Extraction of a monumental jacket
Work on a bone by one of team members
Triceratops departure
Restituition visuelle et étude au Laboratoire 2018
Visual reproduction and study at the Laboratory 2018
Triceratops work in Laboratory
Eric Geneste with Skinny's skull
Skinny on stainless steel structure- assembly atelier
Triceratops assembly on a stainless steel structure
Triceratops in assembly
Skull of a Triceratops
Trik, the giant Triceratops is put in its transport boxes to go to Prague ( Praha) where it will be unveiled to the people of Prague in the first half of 2021!
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